#WIP – Checking In – When 2020 Doesn’t Go As Planned…

Listen to Checking In – 2020 Doesn’t Go As Planned…

When 2020 doesn’t go as planned.

Can we just talk about it? After six months of being away from the studio, masking, distance learning, being distanced, changes in sports and activities, and working from home or transitioning in new roles—we’ve just got a lot to catch up on. The fact is, 2020 did a number on us (well—the pandemic did), but to be honest…it wasn’t all bad. Growth comes from anything opposite of it—IF you choose to look on the brighter side, and see the beauty that comes from it. Listen in as Fran and Glaiza recap most of what they’ve been up to, been through, and been trying to get to in life. Enjoy!

#micLife #2020InANutshell #Recap #COVIDconvos #Podcasters #Momcasters #notAllShambles #WorkInProgress #TheStrugglesBeenReal #WeGonMakeIt


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