Meet The Hosts

Francine Tolbert is the Chief Consultant, Strategist and owner of Revamped Solutions LLC.    She is a University of Minnesota alumni with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. She is the mother of a beautiful little girl, Brianna.

While owning a consulting business, Francine currently works as a Senior Operations Manager for a Fortune 50 Coporation.

Prior to her current job, Francine worked for 8 years as a Fitness Center Manager and Fitness Specialist at the former Maplewood Community Center (now YWCA). Francine has worked in multiple industries including ad writing for Trader Publishing, Market Research at 3M Innovations and helped start her mother’s catering company. Francine is now using her experience to advise, train and develop operational processes in brand development and leadership coaching. As the owner of Revamped Solutions LLC, her main objectives are to problem solve, strategize and help ensure operational excellence for businesses.

Outside of work, Francine is a political enthusiast, loves documentaries, football & basketball fan, singer, writer, life student, basketball mom and enjoys weight lifting.

Francine plans to use #WorkInProgress as a vehicle to connect, learn and teach listeners about health and wellness.  She knows that living a healthy life can be difficult but she wants to learn with her listeners through introducing different perspectives, speaking to knowledgeable experts, but most importantly sharing real and honest experiences with laughter.

Glaiza Regis is a Writer and Motivational Speaker on the rise. She is currently finishing a Memoir titled Waking Up On The Inside which is subject to release soon. Through her writing and speaking, she brings her truth from dark places to light in hopes to encourage other young women and individuals with shared experiences to fight the good fight and see them on the other side of their circumstances. It has been through her own failures and overcoming, that she has been able to testify the greatness of God in her life. Her gratitude stems from beautiful souls who have helped her along the way, and the blessing she has been able to be for others.

Currently, Glaiza is taking an undergrad program in Urban Education and is working full time as a Leasing Consultant. She is the Mother of two beautiful boys, Denzel and Dezmond. Her hobbies include reading, exercising, eating, art and crafts, and spending time with family and  friends. Oh yes, writing and speaking of course.

Prior to doing the podcast, Glaiza has had professional experience as an Executive Assistant to the Medal of Honor Twin Cities, Recruiting, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. She has also had experience on the creative side such as speaking, acting, music, and some modeling. Over the years, a deep yearning for something greater pushed her from the things she once aspired to achieve, to becoming an inspiration for others seeking greater purpose and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Through “#WorkInProgress” her goal is to add a little laughter and energy to an audience of listening people who she knows are just like her. And while not everyone is as vocal about their struggles to get fit, juggle family/work/life, “keep it together”, and be bold enough to share their stories… her and Francine gladly share theirs as words of encouragement.

The fame, fortune and glamor are the typical motivations for most that dare to step into the lights of Hollywood. And while Geoff Briley is certainly not opposed to these motivations, his intentions have deeper roots. While his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota may be known as the epitome of all-American, life was anything but the American dream for young Geoff Briley.

Born into a troubled family crippled with generational patterns of domestic and substance abuse, Geoff learned at an early age that survival skills were essential. Amidst being shuttled back and forth between blended families, navigating the urban jungle of east St. Paul and doing his best to function in dysfunctional circumstances, Geoff turned to creativity for an outlet. Music, writing and acting were passions he was aware of for a long time but didn’t get a chance to explore until his late teens. Geoff realized at an early age that he wanted to make an impact on his own community but also bridge the gaps between varying socioeconomic and ethnic groups through his creative skill set. While music played a major role in Geoff’s life in his early twenties, he soon realized that acting was his true calling. His 20s were a tumultuous decade that included the loss of his mother, the birth of his three children and many other life altering events that sculpted his character and personal values. These defining years made him yearn to impact others even more.

After years of being singled out for his unique and dynamic personality and stage presence, he ventured into the world of acting by landing a few commercials and indie roles in Minnesota. Pursuing acting while being a full time dad has come with unique challenges, but it is also the driving force behind Geoff’s determination. Geoff never forgot the mission he had as a young bi-racial child living in St. Paul. Not only to unite people from all walks of life but also to help them understand that our similarities as human beings far outweigh the differences society has placed upon us. You may say that his methodology to achieve this goal is unconventional, but then again, the status quo was never his thing.