#WIP – Episode 11 – Moving On

Listen to Episode 11 – Moving On

Fran and Glaiza are not afraid to admit when things are in shambles– they just are. But as they evaluate some of the experiences they’ve been through along with others around them, the question no longer became just about what do you do, who YOU are in the mist of it all? Did you have a support system or was there too much of a shame factor to ask? When an unexpected twist of life takes you from the dreams you were certainly about, how did you process the feelings? What about those moments of, “how could this happen to me?” This episode, we just went for it and did an open share. Let us know if you have any stories on how you move forward from a difficult situation.

#LetsTalkAboutIt #MicLife 🎙 #Podcast #WomenOwned #ItsNotTeaItsCoffee

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