#WIP – Season 2 Episode 5 – Be You

Listen to Season 2 Episode 5 Be You!

“Forget all that other noise that you allowed to come cloud your mind and tell you whether or not you deserve to be there.” – @ashleydubose
Advice Ashley DuBose gave herself when discussing her experience on The Voice and the importance of simply being you (also the name of her one of her album cover titles, Be You).

Known for her participation in Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice, Minnesota’s songstress shares feel good conversation with us about authenticity, being You, relationships, loss, self-care and a life journey both off the mic and on stage. Click on the link in our bio to listen in on this amazing and much needed conversation we all could benefit from.

For more information about Ashley DuBose and her music, check her out at www.ashleydubose.com , follow her page @ashleydubose .
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