#WIP – Season 2 Episode 3 – Transitioning

Listen to Season 2 Episode 3 Transitioning

#Season2Ep3 #ListenToWIP

Transition: You know when you know…a change is gon’ come. It’s happening each passing day; internally and environmentally.
The pandemic slowed us down and gave us all new perspective. And as we come back to “normal,” conversation was had.

For one of us (@glaizaregis) life just seemed to be happening so fast, it felt like she was missing moments and before you know it- you’re about to have a 16 year old. It’s that looking into the future but so much has already happened in the now. 

For the other (eh-hem…@kematolbert ) it’s asking yourself the what-ifs, fearing success, wondering how I can make an impact now. In this episode, Francine and Glaiza lay all the thoughts out on the table as they discuss what it means to be in transition while learning your needs and being intentional.

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