#WIP – Episode 13 – Music is Healing

Listen to Episode 13 – Music is Healing

If you’re a local here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) and don’t know who Ryan Bynum is— you’re in for a treat on this episode! You even get a little a cappella by yours truly @kematolbert and @glaizaregis at the end lol. Ryan Bynum is a Music Director who’s had a history of working with artists like Jeffery Osborne and L.T.D, Ice Cube, Nipsey Hussle, 50 Cent, Collie Buddz and more. He’s also performed at places like Paisley Park, Broadway Musicals, road tours, cruises and the list goes on. He’s the Musical Director for Avant Garde, but more than a Director, he shares the story of how a young boy discovered his talent, life choices leading to sacrifices, navigating parenting with your dreams, and how music really IS Healing. Listen in. 

Follow Ryan at @rylife21 and the @theavantgardeis to keep up with upcoming events and what Ryan has in store for future projects.

#WorkInProgress #Music #MusicIsHealing #MusicTherapy #MicLife #LetsTalkAboutIt



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